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Important note : Please contact us for paid posts only. Get in touch for pricing and information.

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Hello! Writers, The douglasjfisher community welcomes voices from many spheres on our leading startup platform to write for us.

Our community is a Fast-growing Startup Website with visitors looking for startup stories, news, and articles. Awesome isn’t it? Right !! It’s every writer’s dream to reach an audience of that size and caliber.

Hence we are providing an amazing opportunity for Writers or startups to get wide visibility and a platform to share their startup story or content. You can contribute your valuable content to our esteemed homepage at competitive rates. Of course, Quality is our utmost priority rather than Quantity and we don’t compromise on that.

What we publish?

douglasjfisher is tightly focused on startup stories, lifestyle, and business news content. We are looking for authors or writers who can write for us and we can publish original articles to reveal how small and medium-size businesses or startups began their journey, The secret behind their success, How Businesses use innovative ideas and strategies to mark impactful presence globally, Digital marketing, Human Resources, and the latest technological innovations. We like to work with individual authors. If your startup founder or CEO is interested to write for us. That would be great. Bring them on and send them all the guidelines as mentioned below.

What you should follow while ”write for us”?

People are constantly looking for new ideas and tales to read. It promotes reading and keeps readers interested. As a result, we’re constantly searching for original and unconventional material. This contributes to our uniqueness in comparison to others. Bring your keyboard and write for us if you have such an idea or a story to share.

You should review the information on our website and consider the kind of stuff we post if you want to come up with a new idea. In this way, you will understand how we work and how you should contact us with new suggestions.

At first, you might believe that the best place to start is with a wide, general topic, such “How to launch a firm with little money.” But most of the time, sticking to a straightforward strategy and a focused approach works best. Because they offer concise, worthwhile material that draws in larger audiences. For instance, to learn the “8 Mistakes to Avoid While Starting a Startup” or the “5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in a Startup,” all you need to do is conduct thorough research and develop a strategy. Content must entice readers to read more and look up additional information.

New companies and small enterprises can learn a lot from the most successful startup tales on Be direct, brief, general, and, most importantly, captivating. Only through examples and the ability for readers to relate to themselves can advice and mistakes be appreciated.

We do accept sponsored posts at reasonable costs from businesses looking to boost their visibility while supporting quality content. Please keep in mind that this does not act as a cost for advertising your business; rather, it aids in building a strong brand among our readers. For instance, if a business would like to tell their startup experience from the beginning to the peak, how they grow, and what hurdles and barriers they encounter along the way to success.

Only sponsored or paid links or posts at reasonable prices are accepted as guest posts. For more information,

Guidelines for Submission of Articles

Pick topics: Before pitching for your article submission, kindly read through our articles and identify the three original content ideas about which you are most passionate. Write a badass, thoroughly researched, in-depth essay based on these ideas.

Topic selection: After you submit an article proposal, we will select a subject from your provided ideas and assign it to you.

Google docs are preferred for submissions so that editors may readily comment and offer advice within your copy.

We only accept articles with a minimum word count of 500.

Formatting subheads: Use the appropriate H1 and H2 tags.

Add a couple of external links.

100% original and free of plagiarism

Author: You can add a personal photo and a brief biography.

Topic outline: Describe the content in detail and provide a concise summary.

Time required for approval: Because this is a sponsored post, the Top Suggestion will be accepted and notified to you via email within 1-2 business days.

Revision: After an article is published, we do not permit revisions; but, if a modification is absolutely necessary, we can make it on our end.

If all goes according to plan, we will email you the article link when we publish your piece within a week.

What does “write for us” or guest posting entail, and what are the advantages?

In plain English, guest posting can be described as creating material for another company’s website. Many websites invite and permit writers to submit sponsored or guest content. Even they have a “write for us” page specifically for guest posting. Most often, websites in the same business or specialty are approached by guest bloggers or writers to receive

Back-to-Back Traffic

increases domain authority for websites

Enhanced Brand Recognition and Awareness

and facilitate the development of relationships within the same sector

It should be emphasized that sponsored pieces, “write for us” requests, and guest blogging are all advantageous to both the author and the website hosting the guest content.

Why is guest blogging crucial for your company?

One of the most well-known SEO tactics that every business has used for a while is “write for us” or guest posting. For every kind of organization, it offers a variety of advantages. It will assist you in giving yourself a platform to demonstrate your knowledge and great ideas so that you can establish yourself as an authority person in your industry. assisting in expanding your audience and fostering ties with industry leaders.

Additionally, it will be a useful platform for budding authors or startups looking to establish themselves in the market.

What are you waiting for then? Write to Us Right Now.

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