Why Doesn't Hobby Lobby Carry Halloween Decorations?



Every year, craft retailers like Hobby Lobby, Micheals, and Joann's Fabrics stock their aisles with chic and eerie Halloween decorations.

If you entered a Hobby Lobby to get things ready for fall, all of the merchandise on the shelf would be related to the season.

The religious craft retailer Hobby Lobby is well known for closing on Sundays. Although owners David and Barbera Green don't sell anything specifically Christian, they think their businesses should reflect their beliefs.

"Honoring the Lord in all we do by conducting the company in a manner compatible with Biblical principles," was how they put it (via Hobby Lobby).

According to Time, Halloween incorporates images of death and demons, which can conflict with Christian beliefs.

History claims that Samhain, a Pagan holiday, and All Hallows Eve are the origins of Halloween.

Skeletons, spider webs, and black cats aren't allowed on Hobby Lobby's shelves because they allude to Halloween's sinister side, according to Totally the Bomb.

Since Hobby Lobby caters to religious consumers who might not want to partake in this festival, they prefer to keep the images of spirits and devils out of their shops.

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