When To Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey



Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and friends and family will be anticipating a typical spread. A large turkey will be placed in the exact middle of the table.

According to Tyler Loranger of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, the optimal time to get your turkey depends depend on the type you like. Turkeys should start to appear in supermarkets in early November.

Frozen Turkeys 

Frozen turkeys can be ordered many weeks in advance, according to Loranger. Of course, that assumes you have enough space in your freezer to preserve it.

For every four pounds of turkey, Butterball advises one day of refrigerator thawing. Therefore, your best chance is to purchase early to ensure you can obtain the turkey of the particular size you want.

Fresh Turkeys 

If kept chilled, Fresh Butterball turkeys sold in November will be fine until Thanksgiving, according to Loranger, but make sure to check the packages' sell-by dates.

To avoid rummaging through the cooler for the right turkey, several retailers and butchers allow you to reserve fresh turkeys in advance.

The earliest you can place an order is best. The first week of November is typically when we run out of the popular weights.

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