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Why Berlin Is The Most Fascinating And Fun To Explore Art City In The World

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Why Berlin Is The Most Fascinating And Fun To Explore Art City In The World

Well, for one thing, there are 175 museums in Berlin, which is more than there are rainy days. Berlin is home to some of the most significant art museums in the world, however not all of them are.

A chance to visit this multicultural city made me realise why Berlin is regarded as an art lover’s utopia. I had long wanted to visit Berlin.

Parts of Berlin have existed since 1237 AD, particularly the area known as Colln. In 1244, Berlin is mentioned specifically. The city, which has been dubbed “UNESCO City of Design,” is home to three UNESCO World Heritage monuments.

Berlin also has the longest open-air gallery in the world, nine castles, six manors, and the most active opera theatres in the world—three. With 105 paintings created by artists from 21 different nations, this gallery covers the last 1,216 metres of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable cities in the world to explore. It is a city nine times larger than Paris, has more bridges than Venice, is navigable by boat with more than 180 km of waterways, has residents from more than 184 different countries, and is home to four universities and four art schools.

Berlin is the city that needs to be conquered and explored if you want to discover more about the history that has been recorded in the books. Berlin’s illustrious aristocratic scientists, philosophers, and ground-breaking artists have contributed to the global dissemination of the city’s rich past.

The art schools and artists of Germany are largely responsible for the development of several modern art movements.

Diverse in artistic expression

From the real street art culture of East Berlin to the upscale contemporary art scene of West Berlin, the Berlin art scene is quite diversified.

East Berliners were greeted by a riot of colour and image done in ways they had never seen before when they first glimpsed the other side of the wall. This gave birth to a street art movement that eventually become a deeply moving tradition in East Berlin.

If you want to explore what Berlin has to offer in terms of inventiveness, you must stop by the book store Neurotitan, which is located in House 39 hackescher markt.

The large-scale artworks by BLU carry a message that is moving when you see it and resemble puzzle pieces. The artist is imaginative and creative in how he uses street art to produce animated wall paintings on film.

The crew 1UP has become well-known around the city in unusual and difficult-to-reach spots for their elegant yet straightforward tags. Their crew’s full name is One United Power, and they have produced a documentary under that name.

The sad and depressed figures Roland Brukner, also known as Linda’sEx, painted that were yearning for a girl named Linda attracted media attention. Roland Brukner is a street artist in Berlin. The figure’s anguish captivated the entire city, and radio and television carried the story. Other street performers responded with posts. Since then, the tale of Linda’sEx has been featured in museums.

The work of the artist Alias resembles that of Banksy in that it is made with meticulously crafted stencils. His artwork typically contains a smart pun or message and is produced to blend in with the surroundings.

There are artistic subcultures in other parts of the city as well. The Neu West Berlin, a nine-story modern art facility with studios, ateliers, event spaces, show rooms, and exhibition halls, is located in West Berlin. The area is home to more than 80 artists.

West Berlin artists frequently congregate at Enzian, a bar that was first established as a haven for punk and new age musicians but has since evolved into a hub for networking for artists of all stripes to collaborate and get inspiration from one another across media.

Hosts world-renowned museums and art spaces

The city also showcases diverse works of art in public spaces. Twelve visitors can take an intimate tour of the Sammlung Boros collection, which is located in a World War II bunker and features well-known contemporary artists.

The Haus am Waldsee is a fanciful mansion with a nearby sculpture garden that not only exhibits the best modern art ever created, but also serves as a platform for local artists. Even Thomas Olbricht, a German art collector, allows visitors to view his private collection in his home. The collection includes pieces that date all the way back to the sixteenth century.

Five museums are located on Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site on the Spree River, and they are all housed in magnificent examples of superb architecture. In Berlin, there is a tonne of street art that either overtly criticises the establishment or does it subtly.

The Pergamon altar frieze from the Pergamon acropolis is kept in the Pergamon museum. It was constructed around 165 B.C. as an altar to Zeus. The Bust of Nefertiti, as well as pieces by Byzantine art, Egyptian art, Biedermeier, and other artists, are displayed on the Museum Island’s other four museums.

One of the top galleries for modern art in the world is the Neue Nationalgalerie. It is a national monument of Germany and features sculpture gardens and modern art from the 20th century.

Art Fairs with international presence

Every September, there is a weeklong celebration of art in Berlin. The most significant European art fairs take place during the month. This annual festival features hundreds of galleries.

Preview Berlin, a travelling art fair, frequently exhibits work from established contemporary artists as well as young artists and students of the visual arts.

The curators from the world’s top museums, including the Tate and MoMA, attend the full-fledged Art Berlin Contemporary exposition, which recently evolved from a curated exhibition that was only accessible by invitation.

A well-planned event, Berlin’s art week also features performances, lectures, and social receptions where gallerists, artists, curators, and collectors can network.

Visitors to Berlin will be exposed to all the culture and diversity that inspires art as well as food, music, architecture, and the performing arts, in addition to the obvious reasons why Berlin is a fan of visual art’s heaven.

Have you been to Berlin? If so, I’d be interested in hearing your opinions.

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