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The Ultimate Guide on How to Protect Your Rental Properties

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You have a duty as a short-term rental landlord or property owner to guarantee that your guests have a secure place to stay while they are on the road. Additionally, you want to ensure that your visitors are respecting your property and not breaking any of your rental units.

Home security systems are frequently used by landlords to monitor their properties and ensure the security of their tenants. This tutorial will lead you through all you need to know about home security for your short-term rentals if you’re seeking for the best security system for your rental property.

Understanding the Laws Regarding Security Cameras for Short Term Rental Properties

You might be wondering if it’s allowed to install security cameras on your rental property, even if it may seem like the solution to all of your safety concerns. In order to secure their rental properties and visitors, landlords and property managers are legally permitted to install security cameras.

Three Locations You Can Install Security Cameras

  • Typical regions
  • In addition to rental properties
  • situations in which there is little expectation of privacy in public

Using surveillance cameras to detect package thieves or foil an attempted break-in can help keep visitors safe. Additionally, they may assist you in keeping an eye on your property to make sure there are no trespassers, staff members or visitors violating the regulations, or any other unusual activities.

Guest Privacy Considerations

Even for short-term rentals, there are some restrictions on installing apartment security systems when it comes to visitor privacy. In communal spaces, outside of rental houses, and in public locations where there is little expectation of privacy, you are generally permitted to install home security cameras.

You can install security cameras around the exterior of the home, including front yards, backyards, outside of garages, and along fence lines, if you own a single-home rental property or a house that has been converted into various short-term rental apartments.

Security cameras cannot be installed in areas that visitors would assume to be private. Typically, this means that you are not permitted to conduct surveys within your rental property’s front door. It may be legal under some state laws to install home security cameras in public areas like hallways, living rooms, or dining rooms, but doing so is typically not recommended because it may violate federal privacy regulations.

Brush Up on State Laws

Although the aforementioned recommendations are universally recognised, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with your state’s privacy regulations for rental properties. So that your visitors are aware they are being watched, especially if video is being captured, some states may have legislation mandating security cameras in common areas to be visible.

Protecting Rental Properties With Security Cameras

You might be wondering how security cameras might keep your rental properties safe now that you know where they can be installed. We’ll go through a few reasons why installing apartment cameras might be a good idea.

5 Benefits of Security Cameras on Rental Properties

  • viewing video remotely
  • prevent crime and report it
  • reduce the likelihood of property damage

Review footage remotely

Security cameras can help make sure your staff and maintenance requests are in line if you operate a rental property that also includes employees or contractors who help maintain your units. Although you shouldn’t utilise cameras to monitor your employees, they can be useful if you discover a worker is consistently breaking the law or failing to do their job duties.

To make sure your equipment is being treated appropriately and isn’t going missing, for example, you might watch handymen and maintenance personnel. Installing security cameras around the entrances to the supply rooms and garages can help to prevent employees from trying to steal equipment or other items that aren’t theirs.

Additionally, you may ensure that office staff members or any other personnel dealing with guest issues appreciate your visitors and effectively carry out their job tasks.

Help deter and report crimes

Having a robust security system to prevent crime is a great way to draw new guests and get rave reviews on websites like Airbnb, regardless of whether you own a multifamily home or a single-family home that you rent out on a short-term basis. It can make visitors feel safer and more secure in your rental property to have security feeds targeted at entrances, parking lots, and garages.

You might be able to help the authorities if a guest’s car is ever stolen from your property or hurt in a hit-and-run by giving video of the suspect or offending vehicle. By placing security cameras in prominent locations all around driveways, garages, and parking lots, you may also aid in the eradication and enforcement of vehicle and rental break-ins.

Decrease chances of property damage

You never know how a visitor or the general public would regard the property when you rent out a house or an apartment. However, if your apartment is empty, you can be much more concerned about nearby residents or children hurting or destroying your possessions.

If you think your rental property is in danger, security cameras can help you secure your investment and act quickly. Kids from the neighbourhood who notice a vacant house might break your fencing or landscaping by sneaking into your backyard. Neighbors may exploit vacant driveways or parking spaces, which might be problematic once you welcome visitors.

Install security cameras in your backyard, along property lines, and along garages to keep an eye on your property at all times and deter property damage.

Additional Security Features to Consider

While security cameras are a terrific way to monitor your property and visitors, landlords and property managers have other home security choices as well. You might think about installing a range of additional home security systems in your rental properties.

6 Extra Features for Home Security in Rental Properties

  • camera on the door
  • A smart lock
  • Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Automated garage doors
  • Smart outlets and lights
  • Smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Doorbell camera

Property managers find doorbell cameras to be appealing since they may provide visitors peace of mind whether they are at home or not. To help keep them secure, these home security systems let you see who is at the door before you answer.

Many doorbell cameras also include two-way audio capabilities that let you speak with people who are on the other side of the door. Additionally, they provide remote viewing so you can monitor any packages that may have been delivered to your rental property.

A smart lock

Another innovation that can secure your Airbnb guests while making your property more appealing to potential future visitors is smart locks. Your tenants may lock and open their doors with smart locks by using a code or a home security app.

Families on vacation may feel more secure in rental homes with smart locks. Many smart locks let you give guests codes and then wipe the codes after their visit is over.

Smart thermostat

Since smart thermostats can be operated remotely, they can be a terrific investment for landlords and property managers. Since you’ll be paying the utilities for your short-term rental, you can control the thermostat settings to keep guests comfortable and utility costs low.

Smart garage door openers

Smart garage door openers can make it easier and safer for your visitors to enter their garages if your vacation rental house has one or more garages. These devices can be managed through an app or connected to personal assistants so that voice commands may be used to manage them. This makes it simpler for visitors to open garage doors when they have their hands full, such as when they are packing their car for a trip back home.

If you want to make sure your garage is safe and secure even if you don’t currently have any guests staying in the house, you can use these gadgets to remotely close garage doors.

Smart lights and outlets

Popular smart devices like smart lighting and outlets are great for short-term rentals, especially when it comes to avoiding fires or other damage. Smart light bulbs and plugs can reduce energy costs and even enable you to turn off appliances when visitors leave the house.

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Installing intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a simple way for all landlords and property managers to make their short-term rentals safe. These detectors are made to lessen false alarms, which can annoy your guests and result in negative ratings on short-term rental websites. They are also designed to more precisely detect smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide.

Many intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide detectors allow you and your visitors to silence them using voice commands, which can be useful if someone accidentally burns food while cooking and sets off the alert. By informing you when the alarms go off, these devices can also give you, the property owner, piece of mind.

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