The Realme GT 5G – A Review


Realme GT is a powerful smartphone offering advanced mobile web browsing, Internet access and entertainment options in a sleek and stylish package. The Realme smartphone is an ideal companion for travellers, who can use the Smartphone to pay for their hotels and travel expenses, access maps, find restaurants and buy tickets. The Realme smartphone is extremely user friendly and offers a wide array of features to help make your mobile web experience fun and entertaining. Realme Gt 5G features an ocean core (Single-processor, Single-arch, Kryo), dual-core processor design along with a sleek and stylish curved Gorilla Glass display for augmented reality applications and games. The Realme smartphone runs on the Android operating system and is compatible with many popular third party applications including Google Maps, Yelp, Amazon Kindle, eBay and many more. realme gt 5g

The Realme of 5g features a dual-folded display which offers true viewing ease and clarity. The phone features a full QWERTY keyboard and an eye-catching screen which can be easily viewed in bright sunlight or outdoor brightness. The Realme GT also features a huge 8.2 megapixel camera with a wide angle lens enabling you to take quality images of your friends and family. To ensure you get the best performance from your Realme smartphone, download the free google play app which supports the Realme smartphone’s screen.

The Realme GT5G also features a large battery, which is capable of giving you a significant boost in performance after prolonged usage. The phone comes with a charger which is capable of boosting its battery life to over two hours. The built in battery also supports an AMST system which means that it has an accelerated system for switching over to the standby mode which allows you to enjoy uninterrupted use of the Realme of 5g even after it has been left sleeping. This is a useful feature especially for those who like to use their smartphone’s all day long. Other than the built in battery, the Realme smartphone also features a front touch pad and a fingerprint scanner which enables you to register up to five fingerprints so that you can enable or disable them as required.

The camera on the Realme GT5G is one of the best in terms of image quality. It features a high definition camera that offers you crystal-clear pictures. The Realme GT5G also features a high speed infrared camera which is capable of capturing high-resolution images. It also has an eight megapixel digital camera, which has an optical zoom which allows you to take great pictures. To enhance image quality further, the Realme of 5g comes with a high definition video camera which offers you clear and superb quality videos.

The Realme GT5G also has a powerful and a high performing chipset along with the support of octa-core processors, which offers you the speed of your choice. The two processing engines of the Realme of 5g are the Cortex A5 and the Bamsung Exynos processor. With the support of two processors the Realme GT5G ensures smooth and fast browsing. In addition to the high speed and data-core processors, the Realme smartphone also offers you 2GB memory which ensures speedy data transfers.

The Realme GT5G camera also comes with a color coded shutter and also has a dual tone flash. The Realme smart phone also features a 2 megapixel digital camera with a wide angle lens that can capture moving images. It also has a good digital zoom lens fitted with a nine volt battery. The Realme it has all the basic features which come in very appealing and a lot of users are extremely happy with it. The Realme it also enables users to connect to the internet directly.

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