Senator Introduces Bill to Lift Truck Weight Limits

A Republican Senator from Maine has introduced a bill to permanently lift federal truck weight limits in the state. Current federal weight limits prevent the heaviest trucks– those weighing over 80,000 pounds– from driving on the interstate, since they can cause extensive damage to roads. However, this means that overweight trucks then must use secondary roads, maintained by state and local municipalities. The senator says the federal weight limits put an unfair burden on her state through road maintenance costs and put motorists in danger. ifb senator wss 8 kg

The bill is also supported by a Democratic Senator from Vermont, who says his state faces the same problem. Other northeastern states, including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York, have federal exemptions that allow the heavy trucks to travel on interstates. Last year, the two Senators authorized a one-year program that studies the effects of overweight trucks on interstates, but it expired in December. The results of the study suggest that it is safe to allow trucks up to 100,000 pounds on the interstate. Other supporters claim that trucking companies can save tens of thousands of gallons in diesel fuel and travel hundreds of thousands fewer miles by following interstate routes in Maine and Vermont.

If you have an overweight truck, your exemption may force you to follow certain long routes, delaying your shipment for extended periods of time and costing you valuable resources. However, with the assistance of a trucking factor, you can improve your cash flow and ensure you get the money you are owed quickly and efficiently, even with shipping delays.


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