Functional Training and Weight Machine Training

Functional Training is based upon exercises using bands, stability balls, free weights and other equipment that will challenge a person’s core strength, balance and involve multiple muscle groups. Functional training differs significantly from using machines since in most cases machines do not challenge a client’s balance or core strength. Weight training with machines can sometimes involve isolated or single joint movements that do not incorporate more than one specific muscle at a time. Functional training often involves compound movements using two or more muscles at the same time.

Exercising using functional movements has grown in popularity over the last several years since fitness experts have implemented it into client’s exercise programs. Physical therapists have used functional training when helping with injury recovery in rehabilitation programs. This has helped clients in physical therapy programs recover from the injuries properly and return to work in an appropriate amount of time.

Personal trainers have incorporated functional training into client’s workouts since it is a beneficial concept of working multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Research shows this may help a client reach fitness goals faster, rather than focusing on single joint exercises. Functional training can be a way to improve someone’s balance, core strength and possible risk of injury. Improving balance is a key factor in preventing falling in everyday life or in sports. Training using functional movements may help to improve a person’s balance so they are less likely to fall and get injured.

Since people want to get the maximum benefit out of the exercise program that is designed for them, functional training is a great way to exercise many muscles groups at once. Isolated movements are not highly effective since one muscle is exercised at a given time. Research shows training several muscle groups at once will help someone achieve fitness goals faster. Multi-joint exercises help the entire body build muscle more efficiently. This is because more testosterone and growth hormone is released during a multi-joint exercise. An example is a bicep curl verses a pull-up. The pull-up would be a better option for building muscle mass in a shorter time since more testosterone is released and more muscles are used. Since isolated movements only focus on one muscle, they may not be beneficial for people who need results as quickly as possible. multihead weigher

Weight training with machines also has its advantages. People who are beginners and have not exercised before may benefit from using machines. This is because someone who is an inexperienced weight lifter might not be advanced enough to begin using free weights. This is because free weights have a free range of motion and machines have a fixed range of motion. Machines will help a novice weightlifter keep the form of a specific exercise. Functional training with free weights might need more guidance and coaching since the form of the exercise is not predetermined.

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