Diabetes Reversal and the Whole Food Versus Refined Food Story

The Refined Foods Story

Cereals and grains have been refined since some where around the industrial revolution. Early in the history of refined foods the wealthy class were the ones who could afford the refined foods. Refined foods had a certain connection to wealth and success. Refining grains also worked well for extending shelf life.

These refined grains tend to be easier to digest when the fiber is taken out, which for diabetics is not good because the fiber helps to slow the release of sugars. Refined flour breaks down much faster when digestive enzymes go to work and the starches turn to glucose much faster.

This refining has gone a long way toward all the ways glucose is now available quickly and in abundance. When the grains remain whole they retain all the fiber and don’t quickly turn into primarily glucose, the glucose is released slowly and the body can deal with it more efficiently.

Refined flour is really the first fast food. With advent of machines like huge rollers that ground the whole grain down, it opened the way to produce and market refined grains so everyone could afford them. White flour the first industrialized food.

For type 2 diabetics and actually for every human body the new beautiful white powder is really pretty much of no value as far as nutrition goes.

Most other grains including rice were also refined at around the same time, at about the beginning period of the industrial revolution.

Progress right? Actually no. russian store

This great industrialization of foods know as refining, created devastating epidemics. A lot of people at that time in Europe and elsewhere, ate a lot of bread. Whole grain bread was very nutritious and had supported their health. Breads made with refined grains offered very little nutrition.

Of coarse, as this industrialization and refining of food has continued into our modern day, it’s reached an extreme level, basically to the point where a lot of foods available today are not really food any more, at least not in the same sense as natural whole foods. This industrialized, processed and refined diet is now commonly known in the world as the western diet. This diet comprises calories of approximately 13 to 20 percent sugar, 40 percent carbohydrates (90 percent of which are from refined carbohydrates). So, in actuality for Americans, their western diet consists of over half sugars in one form or another. This combo is a direct path to obesity. With the fiber removed from the food, people don’t feel full and they keep eating. The huge spike in glucose from this diet pumps up the insulin levels and this diet combination causes the bodies insulin to struggle to process all the sugar. It’s then that the path to develop type 2 diabetes can begin as well as many other metabolic syndrome based diseases.

Then there’s the issue of fructose. Don’t get me started! The proliferation of fructose may turn out to be far worse for the body to handle than glucose. In fact, high fructose corn syrup (which is in a vast array of products) is a huge problem and big contributor to the type 2 diabetes epidemic.

This refined food explosion is more about quantity over quality. The push for quantity in food production has contributed to the lowering of the nutrition content and also to the amount of food people need to or want to eat per meal. The western ( American) diet often is all about large servings ( super size servings.) Huge slabs of meat, over cooked vegetables or none at all, tons of snacks and refined cereal, giant amounts sugar packed deserts and tons of soda. Most of it consisting of refined processed ingredients.



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